Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Sunset, Seen On My Way Home

Great, heavy drapes of sky were flung wide tonight,
Laying bare a broad canvas, swept
With tangerine fire
And a thousand half-attempts at flame-soaked cloud
In strokes that swirled and dabbed and scratched and bubbled and scudded.
Smoke-blue mountains
With snowy caps
Rose pale and clear in the light,
Suddenly visible;
A stretch of urban grey
Became a blazing panorama beyond the windows of the Skytrain,
In whose vinyl seats
Slumped hundreds of dull-eyed commuters in home-bound stupor,
Oblivious -
Too weary to wonder;
Used to the grey.


joeyanne said...

i feel like i was there :)

Brandon said...

There's just something about good poetry I really do love. This poem would be included. :)

kittykat said...

Wow! I can see it clearly.

Hannah Im said...

I love it! Gerald Manley Hopkins would probably love it too. :-)