Saturday, 20 October 2007

A Strange and Costly Beauty

This video offers one of the best demonstrations I've witnessed of the strange beauty that is sometimes born of ugly, terrorizing pain; that rises in sweet triumph over the destructive power that has brought it to light. Too easily we are convinced, from the vantage point of our safe and comfortable but airless and visionless lives, that happiness is the highest good and pain the greatest evil in the universe. Not so, says this video. Eliot and his parents have experienced a thing of goodness that you and I, with our all-important comfort, may never experience. They have drunk deeply of Love, and having lost all, are neither empty nor bereft.

We ought to be careful how we judge things. Most of us have tasted so little of the goodness that is sometime revealed amid the destructive forces clearly at work in our world. It flames out now and again with a deep beauty that shines its light upon our narrowminded assumptions and quells our childishly arrogant sums of things.


bjk said...

Thank You for this this morning...thank you for always pointing me back to the God I know, who loves and forgives and ...leads me to desiring to do the same. thank you and please keep writing as you do.

Karen K said...

wow--this video brought me to tears. its such a reminder of how precious each human being is. Life is not about all the big accomplishments the world thinks brings value, it is about being alive and being loved.