Friday, 19 October 2012

Learning Jesus

I am learning
To walk with You;
One by one
Match my steps to Yours,
Hold myself still
When fear creeps
When self shrieks

I am learning
To go along with You
Pushing on
When I want to rest
Waiting with You
When I cannot rest
When I want to flee

I am learning
To fix my eyes on You
Let You draw me
Take me by the hand
Calm my stormy heart
When the tension tightens
When the hurt grows great

I am learning
To seek Your heart
Let Your love
Fill my emptiness
Trust Your kindness
When the way is dim
When my heart is sore

1 comment:

joeyanne said...

Wow. this one touched my heart. "When I want to rest" is so close to my own experience. Even with all my beautiful blessings, still I struggle with desiring rest. When I imagine Heaven, I imagine rest. And yet I am given strength, not just to endure, but to conquor! - oh, not in the sense of conquoring that this world would recognize, but in Jesus' gentle, beautiful way. True victory exists in my life when God receives glory! I'm thankful to you, sweet sister, for teaching me to Thank Him in advance, because His doing a GOOD WORK in me!