Wednesday, 5 September 2012

On the Road to Jericho

I'm all in pieces,
Pulled apart;
Strewn about,

Like the man who traveled the Jericho road, I have fallen among thieves. They have robbed me of peace, of certainty, of joy. They have left me all disjointed and unsure; hurt and weak and bewildered. I am wrapped in darkness and confusion.

I hear the voice of Reason, faint and weak and far away: it says that God is true and loves still, that he has not forgotten and will not forget, that he is here beside me and holds my hand. But, oh - my heart is a storming child who rages on and on, refusing comfort. And I can hardly hear above its shrieking cries...

Jesus, gentle Jesus... Come to me through the deepening dark; reach out your hand like the pitying Samaritan, and let your perfect love cast out my fear and my confusion. Remember the days when I loved you single-heartedly, trusted you fully, and matched my steps to yours? Remember when you whispered your love into my heart...we shared our plans and went forward hand in hand? Remember when I belonged to you - all of me - heart and mind and spirit? Turn me again. Let me love you with the love of a dog...devoted and unwavering and warm. Let me know and choose and feel without disconnect. Let me be whole again. Let me belong to you - wholly - again.

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