Thursday, 28 February 2013

Testing God

Perhaps God is not testing me. Perhaps He is putting me in the place to test Him. I have already seen the awful strength of human agency that is willing to stoop to manipulation, trickery, and lies. I know all too well how much power evil has in this world and how cruel it can be when it is turned against me. The question is, then, can they who are willing to use such power win over me when I use prayer instead?

I will lay hold upon God with my heart, with my hope, with my words. I will require that the full force of His strength be turned toward the accomplishing of my good. I will call upon Him for shield and for defense. So will I make proof of the God who promises Himself to me.

Great God, come and show your power to heal, to control, to redeem. Prove to me that love and prayer are stronger weapons than hatred and manipulation. Teach my hands to fight. Make me strong and sure in You. Win over my enemies with the irresistible force of Your love. Jesus has already overcome. Make me, too, an overcomer in His strength.

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