Friday, 27 April 2012

But for Gethsemane

Yet listen now,
Oh, listen with the wondering olive trees,

And the white moon that looked between the leaves,
And gentle earth that shuddered as she felt
Great drops of blood. All torturing questions find

Answer beneath those old grey olive trees.

There, only there, we can take heart to hope

For all lost lambs – Aye, even for ravening wolves.

Oh, there are things done in the world today
Would root up faith, but for Gethsemane,
For Calvary interprets human life;
No path of pain but there we meet our Lord;

And all the strain, the terror and the strife
Die down like waves before his peaceful word,
And nowhere but beside the awful Cross,
And where the olives grow along the hill,
Can we accept the unexplained, the loss,
The crushing agony – and hold us still.
(from Rose From Brier, by Amy Carmichael)

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